Bad Luck In China

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of which is responsible for a different profession or another aspect of life. Luck is of supreme importance in popular belief, and there are many ways of bringing good fortune and avoiding bad luck. A type of geomancy called Fengshui involves manipulating one's surroundings in a propitious way. These techniques are used to determine everything from the placement of furniture in a room to the construction of skyscrapers. Tibetans follow their own unique form of Buddhism, called Tantric or Lamaistic Buddhism, which incorporates many traditions of the indigenous religion called Bon, including prayer flags and prayer wheels and a mystical element. Despite the numerous Catholic and Protestant missionaries who arrived in the country beginning in…show more content…
Additional offshore territory, including territorial waters, special economic areas and the continental shelf. China’s overall territory covers almost 13 million square kilometers. Its topography varies greatly from high mountainous regions to inhospitable desert zones and flat, fertile plains. It can be compared to a staircase descending from west to east. The Tibetan Plateau forms the highest part of the country (the first step). Known as the 'roof of the world', the Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau is more than 5,000 feet above sea level. The Himalayan mountain range has a number of peaks over 23,000 feet, with the tallest in the world, Mount Everest, at the Sino-Nepalese border, Melting snows from these peaks are the source of several of the main Chinese rivers including the Yangtze and the Yellow River which run from west to…show more content…
China can be divided into several regions with a distinct style of cooking. Here the ingredients are natural and agricultural. The main features of China’s cuisine can be described as follows: Northern China- Wheat is the main ingredient here for making such as noodles and dumplings is prevalent here. They staple with wheat salty, simple, fewer vegetables. Western China food- Hearty pure food, mainly with lamb meat Central China food-spicy and a lot of seasoning Eastern China food-sweet and light Southern minority food-sour and many minorities eat chilies every day Dining Etiquettes • A round dining table is more popular than a rectangular or square one. They are seated face to face. • Dining only begins only after the host and other guests are seated. The host should take care of their guests. • There is always a cup, bowl and a small dish together with chopsticks and spoon in a typical dining table. • All dishes except soup should be eaten with a chopstick. Chinese are specific about the use of chopstick • Keep dining space according to with other people. Should not smoke while

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