Emotions In The Movie Inside Out

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Compared to real life and other works of fiction, the 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out is unique because the audience is able to see both the main character's front and back regions. Who Riley, the main character, is around her family, in school and within her own mind differ, and the audience sees those differences. Further, the audience is able to see Riley's face work and how her performative self either succeeds and falters in social situations. Her emotions are personified characters in the movie who are all named for their function. A big part of the plot is them fighting to decide what Riley will think, feel and do when faced with new challenges. Most of the time the conflicts are between Joy and the other emotions: Fear, Disgust, Anger,…show more content…
Because the emotions are present in the story as characters, we also get some insight into how Riley's brain works and how her life affects who she is as a person. The most prevalent example of this is Riley's "core memories." In the movie, there are five important memories from Riley's life that are kept in a special capsule in headquarters where the emotions reside. Those memories each formed a specific element of Riley's personality. For example, Riley's memory of scoring her first goal created "Hockey Island" in her brain which, when operating, powers her love of hockey. All of these memories are colored according to which emotion Riley has associated them with; all of her core memories are yellow for Joy. This fact is the reason why at the beginning of the movie, Joy tends to take the lead on all decisions. The reason for this power dynamic is because the emotions decision-making communication with each other is action communication or, at best, interaction communication. During many of the decision scenes, the emotions are yelling at each other why they think they are right, but none of them are
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