A Rhetorical Analysis Of American Sniper

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Growing up, we’ve all been told not to “judge a book by its cover” but it’s something we are all guilty of. We tend to use appearances as a precursor to what’s on the inside. The entertainment business uses this aspect of human behavior as a way to manipulate an audience into consuming their products. This paper will reflect the comparing of two different forms of media promotion attached to American Sniper, by analyzing images in order to prove how rhetoric is used to appeal to audiences. First we will be discussing the original cover to the book American Sniper. By taking a quick glance at the cover, it’s clear that this book speaks with authority. The book cover has a lot of text, big bold font, a large sniper rifle near the bottom of the…show more content…
The only place you see prominent light is in the light in the soldiers’ eyes. A lot of emotion is seen through the eyes of a person. I think their motive here was to only have light in the eyes to show you, that even though he is a soldier, he still has emotions. The way that the soldier is positioned is another choice that I found interesting. You see the profile of him looking down. This could imply that he might be thinking about something or contemplating his pride in what he is doing. Overlapping the soldier, in the movie poster, is an unfocused American flag floating across the page. Below the flag, there is smoke coming up from the bottom of the page to cover up the sniper rifle. Why is the illustrator covering up the rifle? Clearly the movie is about an American sniper, and assuming your audience knows what an American sniper does, then why are they trying to cover up his actions? His job? Is it so we don’t think the main focus of the movie is the job of an American sniper? Or are they trying to get people from all walks of life to come watch this movie? If it was just a soldier with his gun, kind of like the book cover, they wouldn’t be able to attract as many people to watch this movie; in my…show more content…
The book cover is brash, pro-gun rights and saying loudly that we are America; and that is how the rest of the world sees us, BRASH, LOUD, AND GUN-CRAZY. Whereas, the movie poster is less “in your face”. The main focus is on the soldier. When your own eyes scan down to the flags where they then lead off the page, you don’t see the rifle below the flag that is covered up by smoke. I think this is how the United States wants us to be seen, we care about people's emotions, we are patriotic but not too in your face and we try to cover up the real issues we have, like gun

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