Youth Violence In School

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According to the Center for Disease Control or more commonly known as the CDC, nearly six hundred thousand young people aged ten to twenty-four are assault victims of youth violence each year. Most people are led to believe that youth violence only entails aspects of physical abuse, which is false. Youth violence can be psychologically, emotionally, and electronically cruel. Young people can put themselves at risk for youth violence by surrounding themselves or joining in on destructive activities such as drinking, doing drugs, or associating with delinquent peers. Youth violence has become so normalized in the United States that most people, including our government, don’t see it as an endangering problem to our society until events such as…show more content…
Nobody should be fearful or scared to go to school on any occasion under any circumstance. For the students of Westside Middle in Jonesboro, Arkansas, March 24, 1998 started off as any other normal, innocent day would. When eleven year old Andrew Golden was excused from class most people probably thought nothing of it. But before leaving school premises, Golden pulled the fire alarm disrupting the everyday commotion of his school. He then met thirteen year old Mitchel Johnson, another student who attended Westside Middle, who was awaiting him in the woods behind the school. Johnson and Golden began shooting at their classmates with firearms as they exited the building. Before escaping Johnson and Golden killed one teacher four students, and injured ten others. Police soon captured both teens and a van they had stolen that was packed with thirteen firearms and at least two-hundred rounds of ammo that Golden had stolen from his family’s arsenal. When in questioning Johnson and Golden admitted to killing several dogs prior to the shooting for practice. Since both teens were too young to be charged as adults, they were charged as delinquents and sent to a reform institute. Both boys were released to a county jail when they were eighteen and were officially discharged at age

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