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In the late year of the nineteenth century England, takes place in the city of London as mentioned above. The circus performs excellent and magnificent stunts and magic tricks. However the childrens in the city of London is suddenly disappearing one by one. By this tragic event, the Queen orders her infamous watchdog, Ciel Phantomhive on an important investgation mission to discover and retrieve the missing children(s). Ciel along with his demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, decides to infiltrate the circus performing in London. Ciel and Sebastian enters the circus staff as team members to study and possibly discover their motive and the missing children(s). <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Black Butler Book of Circus - Actual Ending…show more content…
They were afraid to refuse a direct order from "Father" because that would be betraying him entirely. The man who adopted and raised the sibling, in the past he was a noble man but now he has turned into a madman. I felt as the siblings needed a second choice or chance for the people to see that they weren't horrible people but victims who were controlled by a madman. The Joker as the eldest of all of the siblings felt guilty in the heart if he disobeyed someone who took them in and raised them. To simply put the alternate ending, the "Father" ultimately deserved to die as he is the mastermind behind this tragic case. The siblings should of been in arrested to jail or at least let them live their lives. It was really sad to see the victims getting used by the culprit into doing his dirty work. Anyway to again, simply put the end on the alternate ending. Ciel and Sebastian infiltrates the madman's house and quickly finish him off because he would of been a threat to England itself. The siblings should have been arrested to jail or Ciel lets them go because they were not the criminals but rather the "Victims" of this case. Ciel burns the house down as following the actual ending since he triggers a horrible memory in the past and the infamous watchdog of England finishes his mission. That's how my alternate ending would go for Black Butler: Book of

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