1.5 Tesla MRI Case Study

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The study considers the 2 nearest hospitals from MCM that offers MRI service. The table above highlights the competitive factors that should be taken account in analyzing the competitiveness of MCM in the context of the acquisition of a 1.5 Tesla MRI for the hospital. The weakest point of MCM is the bed capacity as it only has 100 beds compared to 300 beds of AHMC and UPHMC. The price competitiveness of MCM is moderate since it has the same proposed price range as UPHMC which is a good sign for the management since AHMC has almost double the price of service compared to MCM and UPHMC. In line with this UPHMC is the farthest away from the 3 hospitals as it is situated in Las Piñas therefore it has a low accessibility to people from Muntinlupa.…show more content…
It is also inclusive of the provisions for a three-month working capital. Source of Financing This feasibility project is proposing to use a capital structure that will consist of 50% equity and 50% debt to fund the purchase of the MRI. The acquisition of an MRI machine requires a significant amount of funds. The study proposes a 50-50 capital structure to be the ideal plan going forward as not to disrupt the hospital’s liquidity needs. Projected Cash Flows: Assumptions: Equipment Cost The cost of the equipment would be equal to 32,500,000. This will include all the necessary instruments and tools of a fully functional Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5T. Source of Income As stated in the marketing objectives, Projections for computations will be 7 operations per day from Monday to Saturday at an average price of PHP 8104.07 and the machine will be working 6 days a week. The price will be increased by 5% Year Procedure Price Cases per Year Yearly Cash Inflow 1 10,108.00 2,184.00 22,075,872.00 2 10,613.40 2,184.00 23,179,665.60 3 11,144.07 2,184.00 24,338,648.88 4 11,701.27 2,184.00 25,555,581.32 5 12,286.34 2,184.00 26,833,360.39 per year to accommodate any increase in operational

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