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Mango Fest & Musical Night held at ACI Center On Friday, 12 June 2015, a ‘Mango Festival and Musical Night’ was organized by Rajshahi Zela Samity, Dhaka at ACI Center, Dhaka. The grand festivity took place to rejoice and celebrate the season of mangoes. Starting from 4 pm the festival continued till 8 pm. Dr. F. H. Ansarey, Executive Director of ACI Agribusiness greeted the august gathering and all the guests were served with a variety of delicious mangoes and other seasonal fruits. An awareness building campaign on marketing and purchasing safe mangoes also took place during the event. With a mesmerizing musical show, where famous musical band ‘Joler Gaan’ performed, the event concluded. ACI Agribusiness was the proud sponsor of the ‘Mango Festival and Musical Night’. A small gesture to bring smile to little faces by ACI On 18 June 2015, M. Saifullah, Head of Strategy, ACI Agribusiness handed over the drop box of toys, donated by the employees of ACI Limited, to ‘Toys R…show more content…
Abu Taher, Shofibad, Kochua, Chandpur on 3 May 2015. The field day survey team visited the demo field, met demo farmer, neighborhood farmers and dealer & retailer to find the impact of the field day, to discover the potentialities of ACI products in terms of acceptance to farmers and to see the trend of demand of hybrid rice Sampad by sale volume. Md. Abu Taher, the demo farmer cultivated Sampad in his 35 decimal lands and he got around 38 Kg paddy from 1 decimal where other farmers got around 28 Kg by cultivating BR 28 & BR 29. The Dealer Md. Foyez of M/S. Foyez Beej Vandar, Sachar Bazar, Kochua, Chandpur reported that he sold 20 Kg of Sampad hybrid rice this season. He expected that he will sell more than 200 Kg of Sampad next season. He deliberately informed that the field day program is successfully playing a vital role for popularizing ACI products, for demand generation and new market

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