Eli Whitney: The Invention Of The Cotton Gin

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I am going to tell you about Eli whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin. He had an interest in machinery at a young age. He became smarter and smarter and turned into this great inventor. This paper is going to teach you about the life of Eli Whitney and about his early life, family background and how he became famous, when and how he died. Also going to be talking about his invention, college and how he made money. He made a huge impact on history and this is how…. Eli Whitney, the son of Elizabeth Fay and Eli Whitney Sr. Born in Westborough Massachusetts, on December 8th 1765. His father was a great farmer. Eli grew up on a farm but still found an interest in machinery and science. His mother died when he was 11 years old. Then his stepmother…show more content…
He then started a nail manufacturing function during the revolutionary war. He also was a school teacher and a farmer to make money. Then he decided to go to Yale College. He graduated from Yale in 1792 and wanted to be a lawyer then he started tutoring in South Carolina and didn’t have enough funds to become a lawyer. Eli invented the cotton gin in 1789, before he attended Yale. When he invented the cotton gin it was one of the main inventions of the industrial revolution and snapped the economy of the Antebellum South. At the time english mills were hungry for cotton. Whitney had the idea of a that a machine to clean seeds out of the cotton would make him rich, and it did. The cotton gin has 4 parts. 1) a hopper to feed the cotton into the gin. 2) a revolving cylinder studded with hundreds of the short wire hooks, closely set in ordered lines to match fine grooves cut in. 3) stationary breastwork that strained out the seed while the fiber flowed through. 4) a cleaner, which was a cylinder set with bristles, turning the opposite direction, that brushed the cotton from the hooks and let it fly off by its own. After…show more content…
They had 4 children, 3 of which survived. Eli Whitney jr (his son) continued his father's arms manufacturer in Hamden, Connecticut. Whitney died on January 8th, 1825 in New Haven, Connecticut from Prostate cancer. Fun facts: Got married when he was over 50 years old, and he had 4 children before he died at the age of 59. He made a fiddle in his father’s workshop as a kid. He also manufactured nails before going to college. Whitney had a lot of ups and downs during his journey in life. He did great, big things. Even though he didn't plan on going to college, he still did, and it turned out to be a great decision. He manufactured nails and muskets. He also manufactured and serviced his invention of the cotton gin. He also still was able to have a family while doing all these things. He definitely changed

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