Misfortune In The Cotton Industry

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Fortune and misfortune in the cotton industry. People always believed that the slavery situation was cruel and inhuman thing to do, but it always linked to economic circumstances; Cotton and Slavery are the keys to the American phenomenal growth of the economy, the industrial revolution and the capitalism in many parts of the world. Some articles confirm that the modern world built within the factories, ports and cotton farms that belonged eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The majority of Indians craftsmen and European manufacturers and the African slaves extend to be part of the United States economy and the modern capitalism also to make the cotton a king. Picture the early days of the cotton industry: The Africans, being…show more content…
Each person hoped that the slavery was for some period of time, and later it will despair, but it never happened, actually the slave trade increased. After that the large farms were turn into profitable projects that supported the slave trade; as a result of the industrial revolution. Catherine Beale from Slave Testimony reported, “We had to work in the field in the day and at night we had to pick out the seed before we went to bed. And we had to clean the wool, we had to pick the burrs and sticks out so it would be clean and could be carded and spun and wove.”[3] Working in a cotton fields was tough, hard and backbreaking work, specially when it was a hand work; the hands being damaged, dry and the bruised were painful, thereafter all the hard work the slave labor were doing they were being paid a little amount of money. Harper lee in assert her book To Kill a Mockingbird: “Cry about the simple hell people give other people- without even thinking. Cry about the hell white people give colored folks, without even stopping to think that they're people too.”[3] Suddenly everybody recognized the name Eli Whitney, he transformed the agriculture by inventing the cotton gin in 1793. Before the cotton workers toke a full day to clean up one pound of cotton, however with the cotton gin it was easier and faster to clean up 50 pounds of cotton each day. The central theme of the economy in the south is the cotton production; later on the American economic would raise to the top, in that period of time they used the phrase “Cotton is King” to emphasis the importance of this partial material, most importantly to describe that the cotton was the new industrial interest.

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