Thesis Statement On Organic Architecture

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PROBLEM STATEMENT BLEM STATEMENT BLEM STATEMENT BLEM STATEMENT My dissertation in the 7th semester in the Construction Architect faculty in Horsens. In the dissertation I will try to describe and understand as much as possible the organic style of architecture, its features, and how it stands out from other architecture styles. Even organic architecture is not a style, but as architects like to call it other tradition, I want to describe on what kind of basis we have the world’s best known and popular building designed. I chose to write about organic architecture because I like nature and I like to understand why we are so close to the nature, why we are talking so much about it and saying how great it is and how important it is for our lives but at the same time I feel that we are…show more content…
WHAT IS ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE? WHAT IS ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE? WHAT IS ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE?  In the beginning of the dissertation, I will try to give short introduction about the history of Organic architecture in order to understand where it comes from.  Further, I will try to find answer to the main question, by using associations and professional dictionary, in order to try to describe it deeper.  After descriptions about associations I will try to connect Organic architecture with nature as a function, space, structure and shape. I will use snail as the basis and try to connect it with organic architecture to have better view and understanding of it.  Also, research about Frank Lloyd Wright, his work and philosophy and what were the benefits given by him to Organic architecture.  I will also try to find out what architects think about Organic architecture; their statements and thoughts about Organic architecture, learn main information about the issue, I will try to answer questions “what?” and “why?”  In the end, I will give conclusions that I have come to in the process of preparing this

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