Job Redesign Case Study

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JOB REDESIGN FOR EXPANDED HIM FUNCTIONS INTRODUCTION To achieve a job redesign, there are certain changes or alterations that must be implemented in a given organization. Taking into consideration the case of Health Information Services (HIS) department, we can establish a specific goal which is the implementation of job redesign with the use of technology in order to replace working harder with working smarter so as to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the health professionals and to avert work overload-related stress. However, this task (job and work redesign) is quite challenging for managers and directors, hence, the development of step by step approach in identifying indicators for work and job redesign, considering certain factors,…show more content…
By doing this, employees feel like their work has meaning and is important to the company. This theory is based on the premise that employees have a natural tendency to want to succeed and are eager to be trusted with a bigger role in the company. Conversely when an employee is given autonomy over his/her work, they tend to feel responsible for the outcome of the project and will try to put forward the best end result possible. When these type of workers aren't being challenged, they tend to slack off and not give their best effort because they view their task to be below their skill set. Overall Job Enrichment is essential to the workplace because it helps prevent feelings of repetitiveness in the day-to-day operations from hindering productivity’’…show more content…
These declines include careless errors, low productivity, absenteeism, stress, and burnout. The managers and directors then design a tool for solution by assigning new tasks at higher level of skill with more responsibilities as well as accountability to induce employees’ overall performance. WHAT WERE THE OUTCOMES OF JOB ENRICHMENT IN THE HIS DEPARTMENTS? A long-term plan to change the department's composition in terms of credentials, educational levels, or both through any or all of re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign, and job redesign. Also, there will be a change in department's overall budget for salaries. This compositional change also affects the department of human resources. WHAT WAS THE IMPACT OF JOB ENRICHMENT ON MOTIVATION AND COMMUNICATION IN THE HIS

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