Essay On Domestic Causes Of War

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According to World Politics by Jeffry Frieden, David Lake, and Kenneth Schultz, systemic causes deal with states that are unitary actors and their interactions with one another. It can deal with a state’s position within international organizations and also their relationships with other states. In contrast, domestic causes of war pertain specifically to what goes on internally and factors within a state that may lead to war. Wars that occur between two or more states due to systemic and domestic causes are referred to as interstate wars. Nearly every state desires peace over war. So why does war occur so often? War is the result of states failing to bargain with each other because of the fact that every single state has different values and desires. The most common cause of war is territory. Gaining territory will usually cause a states economy to grow due to the increase in goods, resources, and industries. Military…show more content…
These reasons are known as the domestic causes of war. The primary domestic causes of war are the rally effect, influence from the military industrial complex, the diversion effect, and We The People. According to World Politics the rally effect is “the tendency for people to become more supportive of their country’s government in response to dramatic international events, such as crises or wars”. President George W. Bush was the most memorable immediately following the attacks on September 11th, 2001, and at the start of the Iraq War in 2003. Similarly, the diversion effect can also be used as a way for a war to divert attention from another crisis. An example of this discussed in class was when President Ronald Reagan chose to invade Grenada. Many believe President Reagan chose to invade simply as a strategy to cover the Beirut bombings that had killed countless Marines only days
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