Osmosis Lab Report

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DISCUSSION: Prior to conducting this experiment, it was believed that Increasing the concentration of NaCl will increase the rate of osmosis. The results, evidently supported the hypothesis by the changes in the potato cylinder mass due to the concentration of solutes. The increase in mass is due to the lower concentration salt present in the potato cylinder. The theory supporting this observation suggests that the potato cylinder was submerged in a hypotonic solution (lower solute concentration). As this sample was in distilled water, the solution can be said to be hypotonic relative to the potato cylinder. Osmosis occurred in this beaker, as the process is the passive movement of a solvent across a semi - permeable membrane from a region of a lower solute concentration…show more content…
As seen in the discussion, the results given were quite unreliable due to the many errors present. The time we were given to complete this procedure only allowed us to complete one trial therefore not allowing for any diversity or result comparison. The overall procedure has many opportunities for improvement. My team all worked extremely well overall together, after reading through the method we assigned specific roles we would be responsible. My group consisted of myself and a partner, this made the investigation a lot harder as it was difficult retrieving potato samples out of five beakers at the same time with only two people. After the investigation finished, we both worked promptly to clean up and dispose of waste products. Lastly, there were many safety measures to consider throughout this investigation, ensuring a safe laboratory environment. Personal safety equipment; Lab coats, safety glasses and lab gloves, along with long hair tied back out of the way and closed in shoes. Care was taken when dealing with glass and sharp objects; knifes, therefore supporting this investigation as safely

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