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Acne started to break out when I was in the 10th grade, and soon my face became entirely covered with red, painful cystic acne. Since then, I not only suffered physically but also mentally. I thought that the world was judging me upon my acne-covered face, so this significantly contributed to the lowering of my confidence and self-esteem. Eventually, my insecurity engendered by acne triggered my interest in fighting it instead of suffering from it. I passionately delved into the topic of effective acne medication, treatment, and skincare. I tried many kinds of topical and oral medications, and my acne recovered gradually. One thing I noticed through my acne treatment experience was that some medications were not as effective in the long run, and the side effects were more severe than expected.…show more content…
One of my friends who used to have severe cystic acne tried Isotretinoin for a while, which seemed to be effective on subsiding acne while she was on the medication. Yet, when she stopped the medication, her acne broke out again soon after. She also suffered from an overdrying of her entire skin, occasional nausea, and depression. At this moment, I started thinking to myself: drugs are meant to help people in treating disease, illness, and health discomfort, but they cause side effects that bother sick people. Is there any way to make drugs be more effective with less side effects? My interest in treating acne and having healthier skin eventually led me to be interested in pharmacy, especially in the industrial/compounding fields of

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