Loma Lux Case Study

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About Us Loma lux laboratories was founded by Dr. Steven A. Smith. He was a prominent dermatologist for more than 30 years. Loma Lux was born out of the frustration experienced by Smith’s patients who were looking for more natural, yet effective products without severe side effects to treat their skin disorders. You can take control and empower yourself by learning all there is to know about Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis. Their Learning Center provides extensive learning, free skin care tips, diets, trigger check lists and much more. You can also learn about the famous patented natural mineral therapy that makes Loma Lux products so unique, effective and natural. FACTS ABOUT LOMA LUX Once you open our homepage, you will get flashing photos with products displayed beneath that. Those products are the frequently bought products and the most required ones. On the top you will find a highlighted portion which displays “90 day Money Back Guarantee” which is another of the exciting features of our site. There again you will find our online ordering number with the login options and the cart. The search bar is present there where you can enter the product name or related keyword to search our entire database of products and you will get the desired results.…show more content…
We have learning tips about acne under this category. Our product has the following features with our healthy skin formula. You need to take a dose in 24 hours, it attacks acne at its source and stimulates the body’s own recovery options. We have 5 powerful active ingredients to help prevent teen and adult acne problems. It is dermatologist proven, naturally safe and effective which if used regularly prevents recurrences. It is a natural acne treatment and clears skin and prevents future

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