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Ten amazing benefits of argan oil for skin and hair A native to Morocco, the argan tree is one special tree that produces kernels that is the source of argan oil. Often referred to as the liquid gold because of its many amazing properties and benefits to hair and skin. Throughout history, argan oil has been used to cure many skin infections, diseases, hair problems and is still an extremely popular in today’s hair and makeup essentials. Rich in vitamin A and E and filled with anti-oxidants, this oil is nature’s gift. Cosmetic companies are including this oil to increase the effectiveness of the products. Even though it is quite expensive, consumers are beginning to understand the healing properties of this oil and this is what is making…show more content…
The skin there is the most sensitive and is prone to a number of allergies and skin infections. To reduce this probability, keeping the skin clean and exfoliated is absolutely necessary and this is something that argan oil helps with. A constant exfoliation is necessary to remove the dead cells and keep the skin rejuvenated. Exfoliation with argan oil also helps in reducing the probability of dark spots and makes the skin look fresh and radiant. Preventing stretch marks Stretch mark is a common problem among women who are pregnant. Before or after the pregnancy period there are a number of skin issues that become a common problem for every woman and one of the major issues being stretch marks. Argan oil is one such natural product that relieves this problem. With high content of vitamin A and E, argan oil helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin thereby reducing the chances of stretch marks. Hair styling The argan oil is excellent for hair massages and conditioning therefore making it a very popular styling product. Moreover it acts also as a leave on conditioner. Since it is non- greasy it can be used as a styling oil very conveniently. Only a few drops are required and not more. Some research has even proven that this proper massage and use of this oil can even result in hair growth. It makes the hair smooth and soft. No more frizzy, unmanageable dry…show more content…
However the products again are chemical laden and this causes a problem. Damaged hair cannot be treated with chemical products and this is where the benefits of argan oil come in. With vitamin E and protein, it repairs the damage hair and even cures split ends. Many hair treatment procedures include the use of argan oil to give it the maximum possible benefit. With an added bonus it is also very effective in treating hair that has been chemically

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