Grandin Case Study Intercultural Communication

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Not many people are aware of the perspective of people with autism. Grandin had to overcome many barriers throughout her life because of her visual thinking style due to autism. One of them being that she didn’t understand social interactions with other people because change occurs too often. Along with these challenges, she was presented with some assets. One of Grandin’s assets includes that she sees the world in a way that not many other people see it. Learning to deal with seeing things different than almost everyone else was difficult for Temple, but she received a lot of help from her family and peers. The educational approach that they used included providing her with what she needed in order to learn. This could be applied to a healthcare…show more content…
Social interactions don’t have concrete symbols that she could think of and understand the situation. This would be hard for anyone to be social if they don’t understand the interaction at all, but Grandin developed visual symbols to help her understand relationships. In order to understand change, Temple had to find something to compare it to. For example, she talks about how she has to compare graduating college and a door leading to the roof in order to understand her graduating (Grandin, 2006, p. 18). Along with the barriers came assets including the perspective that Grandin has on the world. She sees a full-color movie with sound when she has a conversation or reads instead of just understanding words (Grandin, 2006, pg. 1). Temple uses this as an advantage while working as an equipment designer for the livestock industry. Her visualization skills are beyond a normal human being. This helps her design different kinds of equipment because she can put herself in the animals’ position and experience what they are feeling while being put through these treatments. Also, she visualizes her designs running in every possible conditions before they are built so that she can fix any errors prior to construction (Grandin, 2006, p 16.). To come to this point in success, Grandin had a lot of support from her family and

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