The Importance Of Birth Control

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Birth control is one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy as it blocks the sperm from reaching the egg. Many women face the struggle of not being able to use contraceptives due to various circumstances. Income, accessibility and other situations are all factors which women have no control over. Some may believe the methods of preventing pregnancy can lead to death or inability to have children in the future. However, this is very uncommon, it is unlikely in most cases. Birth control should be more accessible to women because it can help decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies, it has undeniable health benefits for women who need it to regulate their hormones, and it gives them the opportunity to have a baby when they are financially…show more content…
Instead of motherhood being sprung on them when they are not prepared, “Women cannot be truly free, [Margaret Sanger] insists, until they have complete control over their bodies (Sanger)” Women should be able to decide when the time is right for them to have a baby and through the pill, it gives them that choice. Some women lack readiness for motherhood, emotionally, physically, and financially. Sanger, “argues that women have not only a right to know about contraception but also a responsibility to practice wise family planning (Sanger).” Women should acknowledge all the possible options. They should have the option to take the pill and take action before becoming sexually active to avoid abortion and motherhood. Only women can understand ”the suffering of the overburdened mother, so no one can do this work for her (Sanger).” Unexpected parents aren’t given an easy opportunity to prepare themselves for a child, there’s no handbook and pamphlet for parenthood, especially for single mothers. Every woman should have the opportunity to prevent their pregnancies whether or not they are ready for a child. Women should have contraceptives available when it can decrease their probability of pregnancy, has many health benefits and helps them decide when it is the right time to become a mother. Overall, so many women can benefit from birth control. Women don’t have the option for birth control because they are either too young or it is unaffordable. We need to change society's view on birth control so that we can provide safety and
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