Educational Experience Essay Examples

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An educational experience that genuinely impacted how I perceive not only myself, but the world around me occurred my first semester of my sophomore year. I had just changed my major to Dietetics and I was eager to start the new academic year on a new path. My advisor at the time was a general Bumpers College advisor and somehow while changing my major, in her records I started showing up as a Junior. With that being said, I was enrolled in Human Nutrition, a course that is not only rigorous but that also only had one first semester sophomore enrolled in it. On the first day of class, I remember feeling out of place and underprepared. The funny thing was, the topics we were discussing were not difficult for me to grasp, we were just moving…show more content…
I learned that in order to succeed I had to not only stop doubting myself and my decisions, I had to support myself and build my own support system. After this experience, my mindset and the way I perceive obstacles in my own life, community, and country has changed completely. In track, a hurdle is set up so that someone can concur it and show their fans that amazing things are possible. This is now how I view challenges that are placed in my path. I strive to concur them and show my support system and myself that I can do great things. In society, this mindset has caused me to reach out, apply, and work to share my knowledge and love with others in efforts to help them concur their challenges. When I volunteer, I want to make others feel that I am a member of their support system and I want to watch them achieve great things. While I have always considered myself loving and compassionate, looking back, my first semester of sophomore is when I became empowered and felt ignited. Soon after, I began to put that love and passion that I had into action and I was able to see how I could actively help
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