Sbh Home Loan Case Study

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State Bank of Hyderabad is a subsidiary of State Bank of India and has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. It has 2,000 branches all over India and has a workforce of 18,000 employees. The bank has won several awards for its hard work and consistency in the banking sector. SBH offers several financial products for personal and commercial needs. Their home loans are one of the most popular products and available for various purposes such as purchase of a home, renovation and repair, furnishing etc. The bank also caters to NRI’s and their loan requirements. Interest Rate and Terms of SBH Home Loans The interest rate on SBH home loans is on a floating rate basis that starts around 9.70%. These loans can be paid over a long period of time.…show more content…
All that one needs to do is visit the website and go to the EMI calculator option. Existing customers who are registered for online banking can also log in to check if they have any special rates. Once on the EMI calculator page, they simply need to fill out the necessary information such as the amount to be borrowed and the duration of the loan. After that, they can press the calculate button and within seconds, the EMI amount will be known to the applicant. Features of SBH Home Loans There are several players in the home loan market with each offering their own set of benefits. Given below are some of the features that make SBH Home Loans unique. • The loan amount can be paid back over a period of up to 30 years. This is one of the longest home loan terms available in India. It gives an individual a lot of financial flexibility. They can pay back the loan over a long period of time in the form of small EMIs. If someone has the requisite amount, then it is advised that they pay back the loan as quickly as possible. They will have to plan their finances to accommodate a much bigger EMI amount but they will enjoy the luxury of being debt-free…show more content…
The total cost to be incurred during construction or purchase from a source with adequate credentials has to be submitted to the bank. • Purchase Agreement: The agreement which shows the purchase of land or house must be submitted along with the rest of the documentation. Benefits of SBH Home Loans An SBH Home Loan has several benefits. Some of these have been discussed below. • SBH offers good customer care services. Part of the reason why SBH has been so successful has been because of highly trained staff that is both knowledgeable and emphatic towards the applicants. They guide the applicants every step of the way. • Home Loans are offered at low interest rates. These loans can be paid back over a maximum tenure of 30 years. This gives the borrowers a lot of flexibility in terms of repayment options. • The home loan is taken with the property in question as collateral. If due to some unforeseen circumstance, the borrower is no longer in a position to pay back the loan, then the bank accepts any asset as

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