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AN ESSAY ON THE LEADERSHIP TRAITS OF SIR WILLIAM WALLACE AND THEIR RELEVENCE TO A JUNIOUR COMMANDER by SCDT SA Clements 8600180 “We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free. Let your masters come and attack us: we are ready to meet them beard to beard” Sir William Wallace, 1297 BACKGROUND 1. The legend of William Wallace runs deeply through the heart of Scotland’s history. To the Scots, William was the epitome of unyielding commitment to Scotland’s independence who died a martyr to the cause (Chris Brown 2005). To the English he was a criminal, outlaw, a perpetrator of atrocities and a traitor to the crown even though William had never sworn his allegiance to King Edward I of England, who was also known as…show more content…
A clear example of this was the speed in which William was able to sway and draw his countryman to his cause. After fighting in the Battle of Dunbar and being branded an outlaw by the English (John Carrick, 1830, pg 247-259). It was here that William began to recruit kinsman to his cause. William would speak to any who would listen and talk of an independent Scotland, free of English rule. Circumstances were in favour of William’s quest to recruit people to his cause, however, being able to bring so many like minded people to his banner was astounding. If you take into consideration that not only were many of these men defying the English but were also defying their Scottish nobles, it shows just how charismatic William was. (Graeme Morton, 2004) 11. Being Charismatic is essential to being a successful leader. As a junior commander you have limited experience to call upon and your subordinates know this. Being able to sway your subordinates to rally to your cause when you have limited experience is an invaluable quality. It is a quality that will aid any commander but more significantly a junior commander in inspiring their subordinates to achieve any task.

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