Economic Bill Of Rights

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An Economic Bill of Rights: Short Answer Questions (Answers) 1) Roosevelt names several new rights in his speech that he believes citizens are entitled to in order to ensure their security and happiness as well as the prosperity of the nation. Roosevelt states that the government would be responsible for working to assure that citizens are given due advantage of these rights, including which are the right to have a profitable job and the right to a receive a good education. Thus, the government serves the people by protecting their rights and ensuring their happiness. 2) I agree with Roosevelt’s definition of the term ‘rights’; I believe that rights should be basic amenities or privileges that all citizens should be entitled to in order to ensure…show more content…
Individual well-being is conducive to the pursuit happiness, which is one of the natural rights defined by the Constitution. Rights that ensure individual well-being foster happiness and prosperity in the individual. This in turn fuels societal development and fosters a prosperous nation as more and more citizens are successful with the opportunities given to them through their rights. 3) The government should aid the citizen when needed by protecting their rights. The government should not intervene or control the individual’s daily life and affairs, but it should enforce laws and other regulations and intervene when a citizen’s rights are threatened. 4) Roosevelt’s speech highlights the idea that citizens have certain rights that must be respected despite not being explicitly defined in the Constitution, and that the government must take action to implement and/or protect these rights. The topic of several current court cases and political debates is how the government should do so, and what the course of action must be if two different rights conflict. An example of such a debate is the unresolved Democratic-Republican debate surrounding abortion. Some
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