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Henry “Hank” Aaron born on February 5th, 1934 in Mobile Alabama. Henry was the 3rd out of eight children born. His parents Estella and Herbert Aaron made their living as a tavern owner and a dry dock boilermaker’s assistant. His parents moved the family to a middle class neighborhood called “Toulminville”. Hank had jobs such as mowing lawns and picking potatoes and delivering ice. Hank fell in love with the game of baseball when he was ball boy for his father’s team. He was taught the game of baseball by his uncle Bubba, he started playing with the local kids in toulminville. Hank couldn’t afford new baseballs so he managed to create his own out of nylon panty hose wrapped around golf balls. Aaron didn’t play organized ball until his freshman…show more content…
His senior year he enrolled at the Josephine Allen Institute. While hank was playing with the locals at Carver park he was noticed by Ed Scott, at that time Scott was a manager of the Mobile Black Bears. The black bears brought Aaron in as a shortstop. Overtime hank’s skills worked his way to contract by the Indianapolis Clowns. With the clowns, hank honed his skills and gained professional attention. In the 1952 season he finished with Eau Claire Bears of the Northern league. Hank was named rookie of the year and played in the Northern league all-star game. Hank’s stats were unordinary for someone his age he was hitting .336 with nine home runs. His stats with the clowns increased as well as he lead them to winning the Negro League world Series by hitting over .400 with five home runs. Next season Aaron was batting.362 with 22 home runs and was voted the league’s MVP. He even played winter league ball in Puerto Rico. Bobby Thompson’s injury quickly opened the door for Hank Aaron to play in the pros. His rookie year Aaron batted .280 with 13 home runs and 69 RBI. On sept.5th hank broke his ankle while sliding into third

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