Globalization: The Impact Of Management On Business Globalisation

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The Impact of Management in Business Globalisation You often hear the expression that the world is a “Global Village” where news & events are instantly accessible wherever you are in the world, through the internet/satellite driven media outlets including social media. This “globalisation” has also made the business world a global village. The Economist Gunder Frank opined that a form of globalisation existed in the third millennium B.C, another economist Thomas L Friedman put the history of globalisation three periods. First period (1492-1800) involved the globalisation of countries; the second period (1800-2000) involved the globalisation of companies the third period (2000-present) involves the globalisation of individuals. Business globalisation…show more content…
In 1973 South West Africa People Organisation (SWAPO) were made official representative of the Namibian people, the armed insurrection gained independence in March 1990. The new Republic adopted a policy of National Reconciliation with the white Namibians staying and becoming citizens of the Republic of Namibia. Most of the pre-independence German and South African companies remained in Namibia, the management style had to transform from the dictatorial, fear based control and command style of management to a consultative style. The existing management had to deal with post-independence challenges of increasing black management representation, a number of new laws and regulations dealing with the Black Economic Empowerment Act (BEE), Trade Unions; Equality Acts, Procurement & tendering, Employment law, SME investment, local content and fair trade rules, social corporate responsibility, corruption and others. The Multinational Company has a vital role to play in growing & developing the Namibian economy…show more content…
The local manager has a difficult remit covering all aspects of the business in country. Dealing effectively with the local fiscal regime and adapting to local ways of doing business will make the difference between success and failure. Global businesses do provide support in the specialist branches of Financial, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Legal management The manager operating in a new country has a number challenges, namely with the local culture of the employees and the society they live in, which in Namibia being a tribal society are quite different from say Europe. The Namibia is tribal and family based culture and is quite different from European culture, it will take a manager new to the country some time to understand how it will impact the way he needs to conduct business, for example different tribes may not work well together. The corporation he represents will also have a cultural style such as innovative, outcome oriented, people oriented, team oriented, aggressive sales oriented and it be could be a challenge to change the mind-set of local staff to adopt the corporate

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