Willy Loman Tragic Hero Essay

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Willy Loman, is one of the main characters in The Death of a Sales Man. Besides being the protagonist he is the most complex. Even though the author, Arthur Miller, allows us to learn about Willy’s past in a more personal level (through the flash backs) Willy still holds a sense of mystery. All other characters seem to respond to whatever Willy does regardless of it being in the past or in his present time. Most problems begin because Willy, in a sense, “lives” in both his past and in his present time. He is an individual who craves the liking of others and who is guided by his sense of wanting to be successful. He is hard working and goal oriented yet, doesn’t achieve much for himself which leaves him depressed. Ironically his memories are the key to understanding him, but are also his undoing. He struggles to let go of things that happened long ago which end up impacting his family, himself, and allows for him to become a tragic hero. Willy’s inability to let go of the past and simply enjoy his life and those around him have a negative impact on the people who love him most, his family. Linda (his wife) stays by his side regardless of the things Willy did in the past to hurt her (the affair), sadly his son Biff…show more content…
Most tragic heroes are royal, unlike Willy who is only a Salesman. He has no real power, isn’t liked very much and isn’t popular. The audience or reader can relate to his everyday problems, hopes and fears. Having this connection to a tragic hero allows for a deeper understanding the author is trying to put across in this drama. Most readers might not agree that Willy is a hero because of his affair with another woman. We have to understand that he uses this woman as a confidence boost. Which makes us feel bad for him; he has to go to such extremes for him to feel good about himself. Most tragic heroes have a moment of realization which for Willy is when he realizes he has lost the chance to be successful and

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