Brief Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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The Most Dangerous game, written by Richard Connell, starts off with two hunters chatting on a yacht in the Caribbean Sea heading to Rio de Janeiro. Their names are Whitney and Rainsford. It is night, and the two hunters go to sleep. During the night, Rainsford heard three gunshots. Springing up, Rainsford’s pipe got struck by a rope and fell from his mouth. Rainsford tried to recover his pipe, but lost his balance and the sea took him. He swam the direction in which he heard the gunshots. Hearing more gunshots, he reached shore. Rainsford had noticed an empty cartridge on the ground, showing that an animal had in fact been hunted. He thought he was lost, but at night noticed a lit-up building, which at first he thought wasn’t real. He went towards the house, knocked on the door, and noticed a very tall man, though deaf and dumb answer the door. This man’s name was Ivan, and he saluted Rainsford. Rainsford also noticed a bearded man by the name of General Zaroff. They shook hands. General Zaroff recognized Rainsford from a hunting book Rainsford wrote.…show more content…
General Zaroff no longer found it a challenge for him, as it had become too easy. He did, however, find one type of hunting more interesting and different from all others. It was hunting humans. What General Zaroff would do is take all the visitors on the island, who would hide somewhere in the woods, and, with Ivan and his pack of dogs, hunt them. If three days had passed and the humans hadn’t been hunted, he would spare them, but otherwise he would kill

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