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The epic poem, Beowulf, written in 700 A.D., is based around the ideas of wealth, ‎treasure, and gold and their influence on people during this time. For example, kings during the ‎time of Beowulf gave their treasure to their followers as a reward out of respect for their loyalty. ‎‎ By doing so, treasure and gold can be seen as a physical embodiment of the lord's duty to take ‎care of his people. Gold was also used as a score settler. One way of avoiding a feud would have ‎been to pay the wergild, or the man-price, - giving the family of the injured person gold to avoid ‎more violent encounters. This was shown in the relationship between Beowulf and King ‎Hrothgar, created by the King’s wealth and his generosity to Beowulf. The idea that…show more content…
Most kings during ‎this time period were very generous with their wealth. For example, King Hrothgar’s old age and ‎lack of strength requires him to rely on younger and stronger men to protect his land. His great ‎wealth motivated Beowulf and his followers to risk their lives traveling across the harsh sea to ‎offer their protection from Grendel. In the hopes of slaying Grendel, they could expect to receive ‎great glory through gold and riches as was the custom of the time. At the end of the story, ‎treasure and gold are present again when Beowulf dies and his funeral pyre is covered with ‎valuables from the dragon’s hoard. Wealth, treasure, and gold are three things seen throughout ‎the entire story and are driving forces of almost all of the characters’…show more content…
For example, Beowulf returns to his king with wealth to settle the score for his brother’s ‎death. Also, in the story, a slave runs away from his master. According to Chapter XXXII in ‎Beowulf, there is a scene where in an effort to gain back favor, a slave steals a goblet from the ‎dragon to try to bribe his master into giving him his position back and therefore settling the score ‎with him. (Guettenburg) J.P Sommerville even states that the Anglo Saxon word for slave was ‎‎"wealh". By the characters’ use of their wealth, even their slaves, they are able to prevent ‎encounters and settle many scores vital to the relationships in the

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