Eastern Orthodox Trinity Essay

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The Eastern Orthodox church is a branch of Christianity formed in 33 AD, five days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For a long time the Roman Catholic Church was a part of the Orthodox Church, including holding the same beliefs, until 1054. It was then that the Roman Catholic Pope split off from the rest of the church by decreeing authority over the whole of Christianity; something that the Eastern Orthodox church disagreed with strongly. The Roman Catholic church then began inserting new teachings into the existing Christian doctrine, including things such as papal authority, indulgences, and purgatory, things that the Orthodox church deemed unacceptable, causing them to break away from Catholicism. According to Eastern Orthodox tradition,…show more content…
The purpose or goal of the Orthodox church (shared by most other Christian churches) is to save every human in unity of the Church in the belief and faith in Jesus. Orthodox Christians believe that the trinity is three separate holy entities sharing one essence. They believe that God has emotions and that the separate parts of the trinity relate to humanity in a personal manner. According to Orthodoxy, God, as a trinity or as three separate divine parts, cannot be comprehended or understood. Orthodox Christians therefore acknowledge God as a mystery unable to be understood by the human mind and try to come closer to him…show more content…
If a person has been baptized by someone who is not a deacon or a priest of Orthodoxy, the baptism is rendered ineffective unless that person joins the Orthodox church. The Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that baptism is not a sign of metaphor of the the rebirth of a person’s spiritual life, but a literal act of a person's death and rebirth with Jesus. In Eastern Orthodoxy, this is initiated by that person rejected Satan and accepting Jesus Christ in their hearts. Prior to the actual baptism, said person’s spiritual sponsors, or godparents, as they are known in the Eastern Orthodox Church, proclaims the creed, the symbol of Jesus, upon the

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