Man Of Sorrows By Byzantine And Gothic Art Essay

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The subject depicted in this piece is one that was often covered in byzantine and gothic art, Jesus Christ. Depicted in this particular piece, “Man of Sorrows” by Michele Giambono, is Jesus suffering on the cross. You know it is Jesus from the crown of thorns on his head and the partially obscured cross behind him. He seems to be standing in a tomb, with his lower half inside the tomb and his upper half is above the edge of the tomb. Jesus’s body is gaunt and sickly looking, with blood running from the nail-holes in his hands and the spear wound in his upper right side. Just to the left of Jesus is Saint Francis, shown smaller to indicate either distance or lesser importance. His hands are clasped in what seems to be prayer, but grief or shock is also a possible reason for his position. Draped across the front of the tomb is what appears to be a corporal of mass, showing Jesus as a sacrifice. This work has much meaning behind it, especially in the style in which it is painted. Jesus is shown in a very agonizing state. His body is pale and extremely frail looking, and his wounds are pouring out blood. He is still wearing his crown of thorns, put on Him by Roman soldiers who sarcastically proclaimed…show more content…
His use of bright colors, gold and red in this case, was common in the style. The subject matter is also common, with Christ being a common subject of many gothic and byzantine works. The theme of Christ suffering was also prevalent, used as a reminder for Christians to remember the suffering Christ went through in order to save them from Hell. This piece in particular seems to be one that would be found in a monastery, perhaps one that friars and monks would pray in front of in thanks to Jesus for his sacrifice. The presence of Saint Francis was common in Gothic monastic art like this, as he was responsible for starting many orders, for men and women

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