Dramaturgical Observation

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As a dramaturgical theorist, I would believe that we are all actors performing roles and trying to manipulate others’ impressions. We are constantly performing the play called “Life”. Everyday people put on masks and performances in order to manage the impressions that others have of them. If I were to study gym behavior, I would look at individual differences among front-stage and back-stage performances. The gym would be the “scene” in which the interactions would take place. I would see I would use qualitative methods such as, ethnography to observe the subjects naturally. I would not want them to stop “performing” if they knew why they were being watched. I hypothesize that individuals’ presentation of the self will vary depending…show more content…
I predict I would find that men, regardless of their skill level, would perform as if they know what they are doing. They would not ask others how to do an exercise they did not know how to do because that would not be a part of their masculine “script”. I predict I would not see the backstage performance of men because it is a place where they can refine their performance without revealing themselves to their audience. It also allows them to express aspects of themselves that their audience would find unacceptable. Instead, I would be witnessing their front-stage region, the performance they play for their audience (society), and that is open to judgement by those who observe it. Therefore, if a man did not know what he was doing, he would not show it because he would be afraid of what his audiences’ reaction would be and the consequences that would come with it. I predict I would find commonalities among people of the same gender. I trust that individuals will be acting according to their assigned gender roles. For example, I believe I will find more men lifting weights than women. Whereas, I will find more women on cardio machines and/or in a yoga class. I would most likely see women asking others for help if needed or working with a trainer, whereas men would be more

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