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Susan Brownmiller a feminist, activist, journalist, and author. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1935. She went to Cornell University and had ambitious dreams of being a Broadway actress. After college she moved to Manhattan, so she could be close enough to stage to follow her dreams. While living there, she could be had several jobs over a period a time and the one that impacted her the most was working for a magazine company were she learn how to improve her writing skills, that will help her in years to come. During 1960 the southern sit in movement to end lunch counter segregated start and she felt effected by this movement and joined CORE, Congress of Racial Equality, this was her first steps in become a political activist. Then in 1964, she worked as a researcher for Newsweek and CORE. She also help organize the Freedom Summer in Mississippi. Then in 1068 she worked as a television news writer for ABC. During this time the Vietnam War had started and she marched against it when the Women’s…show more content…
This group held a speak-out about rape. This was the first time that women talked openly about being rape. This was an eye opened for people because what they women were talking about was different then what men, who dominated this topic, had been saying about rape. This topic was dominated by men because rape “was too delicate for feminine ears” (Brownmiller). This was the being research for her most know book “Against Our Will Men, Women and Rape”. She spent four years researching for her book. She had to dig deep in books that were not specifically written about rape as its main topic, since no one until then had thought about writing or putting together information about rape together. This book gave awareness to a generation of people who have looked at sex and rape as taboo topics. She gave a voice to victims. All of her books after have had a subject based on

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