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In 2001, Ridley Scott released the motion picture Black Hawk Down, a dramatization of the incidents that transpired in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993. The film encompassed an ample aggregate of affairs as undertones, ones which numerous students gain comprehension of, in their class Federal Government (GOVT 2305). Furthermore, although Scott’s Black Hawk Down is primarily concerning how the U.S. military attempted to apprehend Mohamed Farrah Aidid, it converges with issues such as public opinion, American foreign policy, democratization, and the mass media. At the apogee of Black Hawk Down there is an atrocious delineation of how barbaric Somalis eviscerate an American soldier, and then carry his cadaver through the streets of Mogadishu. In his dissertation, John McGuigan avowed that although Scott’s film reaped the reverence and approval of a copious sum of soldiers, it was nevertheless a complex maneuvering of public opinion (223). Moreover, by amending the viewpoints of American citizens with regards to diplomatic disputes, leaders, establishments, and proceedings, Scott was able to portray the incursion in Mogadishu (a juncture several individuals deemed to be a fiasco), as a chronicle of trials…show more content…
Firimbi’s inquisitions instigated the dispute of democratization, and whether America’s benevolent intrusions in the affairs of developing nations, in the interest of democracy, are worth human lives (Benjamin A. Valentino 64). Furthermore, as illustrated in Scott’s Black Hawk Down, more than 1000 Somalis expended their ephemeral lives on what was initially envisioned to be a diplomatic delegation. In addition, the tribulations that took place in 1993 Mogadishu are a stark memoir for the veritable expense of humanitarian

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