Conflict In Kashmir In Conflict

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Set in the aftermath of 1947 Kashmir at a time when war has finally reached the isolated village of Nowgam that has been described in the book as "the forgotten last village before the border". “The Collaborator” is a compelling and brilliant novel in the recent times. The 1990s was a time of turmoil and unrest all through India and Kashmir faced a lot of consequences of the Independence that we gained. Four out of five friends from the village of Nowgam disappear one by one, to cross into Pakistan and join the movement against the Indian army. The scared villagers afraid for their own safety decide it is best to search for a place of greater safety. The Headman, however, decides that he and his family would stay. His son, under the brutal Indian army captain, is forced to go into the valley to count the corpses of the Kashmiri militants. Mirza…show more content…
For instance, Pakistan supported the demand of self-determination and of the Kashmiri people and the armed insurgency in the region for the primary purpose of furthering its political goals which it was unable to achieve through diplomacy and bilateral negotiation (Schofield). On the other hand, India launched an armed operation in the region with a reported 150,000 army and paramilitary personnel being stationed in Kashmir according to certain estimates

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