Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Essay

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Every person on Earth has to make decisions on whether to hurt or help others; but what if these morals took complete control over someones life? In the late 1800’s, Henry Jekyll mysteriously disappears every night, and at the same time the Edward Hyde wreaks havoc throughout the town of Soho, England. Now it is up to lawyer, Mr. Utterson to find the reasons behind the bizarre occurrences. In The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson uses day and night to express the theme that everyone has a good and evil nature inside of them. The timid and cordial Dr Jekyll only appears during the daytime, leaving a clue that he represents the good side of human nature. During the afternoon, Jekyll seems to have the most caring and calm look on his face out of the whole day, the only reason he trembles is when Utterson mentions the name Hyde. Furthermore, when the sun starts to come down, he becomes frightened and mysterious. As…show more content…
While walking with his cousin on a stroll, Utterson learns that Hyde trampled a little girl that was standing in his path. Hyde’s actions prove that he has no compassion for anything, and that death is just an amusing game to him. A few nights later, Mr. Utterson decides to interview Hyde, but the malicious man asks how the lawyer knows him, Utterson replies, “We have common friends,’ said Mr. Utterson. ‘Common friends!’ echoed Mr. Hyde a little hoarsely. ‘Who are they?’ ‘Jekyll, for instance,’ said the lawyer. ‘He never told you,’ cries Mr. Hyde, with a flush of anger. ‘I did not think you would have lied,’,” Just as Jekyll is afraid of the name Hyde, Edward becomes enraged after hearing the doctor’s name. To sum up, Hyde’s personality is disliked by most and hated upon my Jekyll, showing how that are always the opposite sides of human

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