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Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are quite different from each other personality wise. Dr. Jekyll being a scholar, a doctor, a long-time and a good friend mostly contradicts with Mr. Hyde. Hyde being self-serving and very violent portraying himself as heartless. These two are like fire and ice yet are the same person. The truth is that they are two different people. The inside is what defines a person. Not the outside. Mr. Hyde is not really Dr. Jekyll. He is just the evil spirit that gets overly enchanced after the consumption of a crazy formula. First, Dr. Jekyll is the good one out of the two. He is a scientist that is always progressing with new ideas. He seems to be a nice jovial man that cares for his friends. Dr.Jekyll being a good hearted man even decided to create…show more content…
Hyde. Mr. Hyde was only existent due to a failed attempt of Dr. Jekyll experiment of a good man. Mr. Hyde is like the devil himself. He feeds off of fear and is pleasured by bring violence to people. Killing several. He is the enhancement of any evil thought or action of Dr. Jekyll. Physically, Dr. Jekyll seems to be a handsome man due to where the story cited “The large handsome face of Dr. Jekyll grew pale to the very lips, and there came blackness about his eyes.” (Stevenson chap.3) A clean guy that cares about his appearance and how he portrays himself. He is quite charismatic due to frequently being with friends who adore his intelligence. Jekyll comes off as a bit tall as well from how Stevenson refers to his “large handsome face.” Being a scientist, he dresses pretty neat and classy. Lastly, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two different. The reader would think this way because it’s not about who you are physically. Who you are should be determined from the inside. Your personality. Therefore even though Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde share the same body, they are still two different minds, characters and souls. Those are the traits to define a person of who they

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