Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Influence Essay

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Hyde’s Exploitive Influence “We’ve all got light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are” (J.K. Rowling). In the story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the wonderfully renowned man, Dr. Jekyll, was corrupted by his inner demon known as Mr. Hyde. Every single person in this world, including myself, has both a wonderful Jekyll side as well as a unsightly Hyde side. I truly wish that this was not the case, but I know otherwise. Even with me there is a side that is tearing apart my insides, desperately attempting to seize control from me. This part inside mainly surfaces when I am confronted with a decision that would further my own happiness. In these cases It seldom, if at all, comes out during times that do not involve my own happiness. An example of this is when I pursued a relationship with a girl named Deniz who was involved with one of my best friends whose name was James. They were not dating per se, it was complicated, but they were…show more content…
The Jekyll inside of me is what makes me, or at least I would like to believe, a good human being. Dr. Jekyll in the story has “the respect of the wise and good among my fellow-men” (42) and is generally a well esteemed individual unlike his negative counterpart which is also is the side of me holding my impulses in check. That part of me contributes to me being so empathetic and understanding with other people. This is one trait of mine that contributes to my desire and ability to help others in feeling better. Regarding other people’s opinions there is very little that I will turn my nose up to. I will always hear out someone’s thoughts and listen to their reasoning and arguments, trying to put any bias I have behind me. Due to this part of me I believe I have a strong hold on my own personal

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