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People Temple is an example of an esoteric spirituality, and also demonstrates an example of a cult. A cult is a system of religious or a social group that is directed toward a particular figure or object. People’s Temple was a cult that was secretive and had a terrible ending. A diverse demographic range of people were attracted to this organization. Young people were attracted because Jones stood up against the government and help them get on the right path if they were on drugs. The older generation liked Jones for his kindness and the ability to help them out. People’s Temple was an interracial that welcomed all different races, regardless of background and had a least 1,500 followers. In 1955, People’s Temple was founded by James Warren…show more content…
The people had to work as a community in order to do the chores, such as washing and farming. In a documentary a woman that survived stated that the camp was livelier when Jones was not there. Sadly, that was the only time they had felt that way because Jones was controlling and he would make them turn on each other, therefore losing any holistic that they have. The cult had a lack of quest for sacred, because they believed that there was no after life so they had to their happiness here on earth. I thought that Jones was a hypocrite because he told his people that they should live like Jesus, to sell all of our items, and fallow him. Jesus promoted an afterlife with peace, while Jones did not. Although, the cult did not show much spirituality it did show that that their quest for meaning and thrive, was the same; they wanted to make a better world for their families. They had faith on a man the promised good, they did everything he demanded because they thought that he had their best interest in mind. Jones was in control of all aspects of the cult, and found it frustrating when any of his followers wanted to leave, he start to stick fear by punishing those that would try to leave. Overall Jones was a dictator of the cult that he founded and at first won them over by a contemporary movement but drastically changed by

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