What Does Nevermore Symbolize In The Raven

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Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” was considered a great success among many critics and readers. This piece was published in January of 1845, stirring up much praise and positive criticism. Since then this poem has been a known piece that has grown more popular as time goes on. “The Raven” is considered Poe’s greatest work, despite it having been a poem from the a stage in his career where he had already published many of his others work also. Based on the structure, language, rhyme scheme, and the story as a whole, this piece is an incredible work of literature that is used often within schools and is often referenced. It’s a tale about a man who’s grieving over his lover who has passed, Lenore. Through his window a raven enters and sits on this man’s chamber door.…show more content…
The response of “Nevermore,” causes him to remember him of his loss. The raven appeals emotionally as an instigator to the young man’s feelings and acts as a torturer of the young man. The question asked by many is: why? Why is this poem so critically acclaimed and considered one of the best poems written? Maybe it's the structure, or maybe the complexity of the hidden meaning. The answer may not even be a concrete idea yet “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe is seen as a highly acclaimed piece of poetry and considered to be the best ever written. He didn’t want this story to just be read, he wanted whoever was reading it to experience this piece. He wanted the reader to experience pain he himself has experienced in his life. This piece is a complete emotional

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