Cat's Cradle: A Sociological Study

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To gain an understanding of human social life, the study of sociology defines itself systematically and scientifically. People of society are studied by sociologists as they become familiar with others and unite. The unity may be small in groups, such as a married couple, or large, such as a subculture of suburban teenagers. There is an importance when studying society, both as independent existence and as a global perspective. Society is a science in which investigations have to be carried out. Carrying out such investigations provides a broader view on nature’s reality. As a systemized area of knowledge, science is based upon sensory observation of hands-on data. All information obtained through sensory observation has to be proved meaningful.…show more content…
Society is better off knowing the truth behind all scientific theories, creations, and experiments because the more society understands what is going on scientifically, the more society knows how the scientists work when its methods are encountered. "I am a very bad scientist. I will do anything to make a human being feel better, even if it's unscientific"(Vonnegut 219). Scientists are morally wrong and only reflect on furthering systematic causes, disregarding any consideration for…show more content…
To believe that some people are instinctively ‘good’ while others are essentially ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ is an insecure generalization. Human behavior does not follow recurrent patterns like physical objects, therefore making scientific observations difficult to define. There are arguments that sociology is unable to obtain a factual scientific status due to the fact that its only studies certain happenings of society. This is an unfair argument since the so -called superior sciences, too, are concerned with the unique happenings like the Ice Age in geology, the birth of the universe in astro-physics, and the theory of evolution in biology

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