Valley Of Ashes In The Great Gatsby

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The Valley of ashes is between West Egg and New York City. It consists of two bleak lands which one represent the degrading social decline of searching for the pursuit of wealth while, the other Eggers are inherently rich. The Valley of ashes symbolizes the downfall of the poor, and shows a striking contrast between the inherited rich and the poor. To break it down the valley is the separation of the Eggs (Long Island's Hamptons) and Manhattan. Displays the human misery (the Wilsons) and the environmental cost of the machinery that creates wealth for a few people like Tom and Daisy but leaves most chocking of ashes. The Valley is meant as a sobering halt to the Eggs, but also an omen for Myrtle and Gatsby who pay the price for reaching their desiring dreams.…show more content…
Fitzgerald wanted to make the characters in The Great Gatsby very similar to the lifestyles and attitudes during that time. People during that time search for the good life as demonstrated in the book alcohol consumption, parties, and having lasting relationship. These were the desires of the American dream. Then, from Nick’s perspective he describes the valley of ashes as a desolate land between West Egg and New York. Also a farm where ashes grow like wheat into the ridges and hills and grotesque gardens, in others words is where the ashes forms houses. Where men move dimly and already crumbling through the poverty statues. Densely declining their social and moral values. Is also the midpoint between the suburbs and the city. The valley of ashes, a dreamless, colorless (black and white) place on one side of the putrid river, is home of the wealthy
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