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In the story of "Everyday Use" Alice Walker describe many themes in the story, but she focus on the main theme which was heritage. Alice Walker describe the theme of heritage by showing the conflicts that happen between Mom and Dee through many events in the story like Dee reaction when she come bake home, Dee change her name, the conflict of the quilts. Alice Walker starts the story by describing the reaction of Dee when she come bake home. When Dee came to visit her mother she start acting like a foreign as when she arrive to her home she told her mother "Don't get up" and she goes back to the car and peek a camera and she start to take many pictures of her mother, house, and Maggie. In this conflict we can analyze that Dee is trying to change her culture and heritage by acting like a stranger who doesn't know this place. The second conflict is between Dee and Mom as they have different opinions about the new name of Dee. In this conflict Alice Walker uses the theme of slavery, and she describes way Dee change her name. Dee told her Mom that she changed her name to "Wangero Leewanika kemanjo" Mom told Dee "what happened to Dee" I want to know. Dee told her that "she dead" "she couldn't bear it any longer, being named after…show more content…
The conflict start when Dee fined the quilts that was made by her grandma and asked her mother to take this quilts, Mom offered another quilt to Dee but she reject it because they are old fashion and made in machine. Mom told Dee that he promise Maggie to give this quilts to her when she married, Dee told Mom that "Maggie can't appreciate these quilt" "she is probably backward enough to put them to everyday use. " after that Mom took the quilts from Dee and give it to Maggie while she will take care of it and hang it on the wall, Dee told her that she doesn't understand her

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