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Over the years relationships have changed in both a positive and negative way, which has lead to the change in marriages as well. While there are individuals who go about relationships the correct way, there are also those individuals who go about it incorrectly. There are people who believe it is key to work on themselves and take their time when starting a relationship, then there are those who rather hook up and have no strings attached, either or affect can positively or negatively affect the quality of marriage those individuals have. The positive change that has occurred in relationships is that they are no longer seen as something you have to get yourself involved in as rapidly as possible. In the article “Lone Star: Being Single” by Julian Straus, he talks about how singles are the fastest growing population group in the country. Being single is no longer a state to be overcome as soon as possible, instead it has become very beneficial for many especially women. Being single once meant that you were lonely, all people…show more content…
I personally am very traditional and don’t find hooking up very appealing. I have friends who enjoy hooking up and then I have friends who are in serious relationships and enjoy that too. I found the article “Lone Star: Being Single”, very interesting. I strongly believe that in order to build a strong relationship you first have to get to know yourself and become the best version of yourself that you can be. I am currently in a relationship and like it said in the article “The Unrelationship”, not many college students are excited to have their first serious relationship like it once was, but I am. I don’t know whether I will or will not marry my current boyfriend but it’s definitely not a hooking up kind of relationship. I still plan to work on myself, I have four years of college that will help me grow and truly become

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