The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Have you ever seen someone different that someone else, whether through looks or personality? The book “The Handsomest Drowned man in the World” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez was about a dead man who drifted to an island after an unknown accident. The people of the island were in awe to see a man as handsome as he was. This man’s appearance affected the people in different ways causing different islanders to have different emotions about this dead man. Some of the women thought he was beautiful and then they thought envy of him because their husbands weren't like that the men were envious then were accepting of him. These people had a wide variety of emotions from everything in between sad and happy; his looks affected every one of them in different…show more content…
They could see him in life, condemned to going through doors sideways, cracking his head on cross beams...” The men of the island also had mixed emotions about this man they seemed to not want the man around and felt jealous of his beauty. “The men thought the fuss was only womanish frivolity. Fatigued because of the difficult nighttime inquiries, all they wanted was to get rid of the bother of the newcomer once and for all before the sun grew strong on that arid, windless day... They wanted to tie the anchor from a cargo ship to him so that he would sink easily into the deepest waves, where fish are blind and divers die of nostalgia, and bad currents would not bring him back to shore, as had happened with other bodies.” And they never knew how he looked and didn't know how this man’s look could affect people even themselves. “ One of the women, mortified by so much lack of care, then removed the handkerchief from the dead man's face and the men were left breathless too.” But in the end the men and women agreed that this castaway could start a new beginning for the town that they live
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