Double Life Research Paper

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There is a strange sensation that comes with the realization that I am living a double life. To the public, I am an energetic, bubbly person who always has a smile on her face. People assume that I live a perfect life without facing speed bumps in my life. What most people do not know is that I have often deadly with personal issues regarding my body image. Over time, I began to think of myself as fat and ugly. Eventually, I realized I was not allowing myself to be fully happy due to subconsciously worrying about how I looked. At my friends' parties, I would spend more time worrying about whether I looked fat in my dress than laughing and enjoying myself. Instead of constantly faking my smiles, I began to desire to be genuine with myself and overcome my problem. After finally making an effort to be genuine with myself, I became happy with myself and more confident.…show more content…
Many times, I doubted whether I would ever be comfortable in my own skin. During the summer, I went to one of my friend's pool party. While my friends were enjoying themselves, I watched them from the sidelines. At that time, I was very nervous about letting people, including my close friends, see me in a bathing suit. While watching them have fun and invite me to join them, I realized enough was enough. I realized it was time for a change to better myself mentally and physically. The next day was the beginning of my journey to self- happiness. I began to eat healthier and exercise. During thus journey, I at times became discourages and often thought of giving up. However, the idea and desire to have self- confidence was too

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