Ethical Issues In Flowers For Algernon

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Once a experiment was done to see what syphilis does to the body, how it kills you and how painful it is to die with it. Even after a treatment was developed subjects were denied it and slowly, painfully died. This experiment was unethical not doing anything good for the whole of mankind even breaking all 7 laws of ethical research. In the book “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keys an experiment was conducted to increase human intelligence. This experiment was done upon one individual whose name was Charlie Gordon and the experiment done upon him was unethical. The experiment tripled his I.Q. but with a cost, after 2 months his brain started to deteriorate, slowly but surely killing him. Three laws of ethical research were broken in this experiment…show more content…
“...Keep any information about the subjects confidential...Tell subjects any new information they may need to know.This includes new risks that the researchers learn about after the study starts and new treatments that might become available to subjects who are sick.” (Emanuel et al pg 7 ¶ 7) “Artificially increased intelligence deteriorates at a rate of time directly proportional to the quantity of increase.” (Emanuel et al June 5 ¶ 5 Charlie’s progress report June 5. Charlie had to find the risk of increasing human intelligence all by himself, none of the researchers did anything to help him but give him his own lab. The researchers never talked about brain deterioration when they recruited him for the experiment and sure they had no idea of the risks back then but they hadn’t waited long enough to see any risks, the researchers appear to be impatient. “Algernon and I were presented to the American Psychological Association last Tuesday.” (Keyes May 15 ¶ 2). The researchers never kept any of Charlie’s information private, basically they presented him as if he was a prize turkey or world’s largest egg or just first human to have artificially increased intelligence. The researchers should have at least asked him if he was ok with it and broken one less rule in respect for subjects. The way the researchers didn’t tell Charlie of all the risks in the experiment to when they presented him like a prize shows how they broke respect for subjects like a car tire over a tire

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