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Donald Trump, America’s most controversial Presidential candidate, has been making news headlines since the day he announced he was running for office. The country seems to be divided in half when it comes to their feelings regarding Trump and his bold administrative statements. Depending on the news source, he is either bashed or praised for his ideas and political standpoints. This is all because the media is constructed to show exactly what they want their readers to believe. I found a video from Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 that posted a video on September 25th regarding a group of protestors in Oklahoma City. Trump was scheduled to arrive at the Oklahoma state fair that night; however, protesters lined the streets just outside the fair…show more content…
Although one may agree or disagree with the image they are trying to generate, it is all connected to the messages media constructs. Media sources such as news stations and articles are particularly good at including or excluding certain details of an event in order to present their reality to the public. In the Principles of Media Literary section of Chapter 2 of Women’s Lives, it states that the media constructs these messages using a “signifier, the more literal reference to content; and the signified, the more subjective significations of a message” (Kirk, Okazawa 61). In other words, the media uses explicit as well as implicit ways of implanting an idea into viewer’s heads to make them feel a certain way. How you feel towards Trump could very well be reflected in what news source you watch because the media only shows what it wants to show. In this particular news clip, journalists are most definitely using a signifier approach to convey their message. The explicit images of raised fists and angry signs are enough to get viewers thinking in a negative light towards Trump. However, what this media clip didn’t show is the thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters just inside the Oklahoma State fair with pro-Trump posters and enthusiastic

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