Who Is Bobby Jindal's Criticism In Politics

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Abstract Political canidates Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump were analyzed from a social psychologist’s perspective to give feedback on their attempts at persuasion. A majority of Bobby Jindal’s criticism came from fellow Indian-Americans for erasing his Indian culture. Donald Trump’s main criticism was due to his large ego and lack of experience in government politics. Jindal has dropped out of the presidential race as of November 18th, 2015 due to lack of support. Both canidates have faced major criticism in the media and should try to change their negative image. Keywords: persuasion, entrepreneur, cultural identity Persuasion and Politics Persuasion is the process of changing someone’s attitude toward something by using…show more content…
Governor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is currently 44 years old and running for president as a member of the Republican Party. Jindal is a son of immigrants from India and is also the first Indian American to be elected governor in the US. He gained interest in politics while attending Brown University. After graduating, he went to England to study different healthcare systems. He then went into business working for the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. 1996 was when Jindal started his first job in public service. He became the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. During his time there, Jindal repaired the health-care system after discovering fraud. He focus throughout his career has been on the healthcare system, working in numerous jobs related to it. He did not succeed in his first campaign to become Governor of Louisiana but won a year later to become a US Representative. During this time, he assisted several committees and helped pass legislation to support Louisiana’s recovery after Katrina in 2005. Jindal became governor of Louisiana in 2007 and immediately began to look into business issues. He helped Louisiana through two other natural disasters, which gained him national…show more content…
He was born Piyush Jindal but changed his name to Bobby after a character on the Brady Bunch. He also converted to Christianity in high school. Many South Asians who would have expected him to stand for something more. In his initial run for governor, he was heavily supported by other Indian Americans despite the fact that he was a Republican and most of them were Democrats. Much of his support was due to the fact that he would be the first Indian-American governor in the country. Financial reports show checks from Indian Americans from both parties (MPR News). Since his announcement that he would be running for president, his support dwindled. It is said that he took the money and support from foreign Americans in private, but downplayed his ethnic identity in public. During his announcement speech, he denied the authenticity of hyphenated Americans. People then began to call him a sellout and was mocked on social media under the hash tag #JindalSoWhite. One of his longtime supporters, Sampat Shivangi, spoke out about his disappointment in Jindal for abandoning his cultural roots, however, Shivangi still believed that Indian-Americans should continue to support Jindal. As a candidate, Jindal has been known for his conservatism which is another reason that his Indian-Americans have lessened support. If Jindal had embraced more of his culture, he would have gained more support from other colored Americans. In the

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