Crystal Methamphetamine Research Paper

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Figure 2: Impact of Crystal Meth on Users - Before & After Methamphetamine can be injected directly into the veins with a needle and syringe, which is the most dangerous form of taking the drug. It can often be referred to as a rig or works. The drug can also be injected by something called "muscling" which is the injection of the Methamphetamine into a person’s muscle and something similar called skin popping, injecting the drug under the skin. When it comes to the risk of infection, injection is by far the most dangerous way to take the drug. It any protection our bodies have to defend our blood supply. It can also develop an abscess on your skin because the bacteria we have can get underneath. Sharing “rigs” will increases the risk of…show more content…
The raw product would be chopped up and crushed into powder. It is then inhaled through the nostril using some sort of tube, after it is inside the sinuses, the blood vessels will absorb it. Taking the drug like this can damage your nose severely because how sensitive it is prone to be, as a result sinus problems and nosebleeds can occur and sometimes-permanent damage. If users share any paraphernalia to snort Methamphetamine with, it is possible to pass many different types of germs and bacteria from a regular cold to Hepatitis C and possibly HIV (Parsley,…show more content…
It works by artificially stimulating the reward or pleasure area of the user’s brain without causing anything beneficial to happen to the body. Methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse and dependence (addiction). The drug has an addiction rate of 80%, comparable with that of other drugs like cocaine and more. Mental and community pressure is forcing the gay community to get involved into the Meth use. Use of meth leads to many serious problems and the result is not very appreciable. Researchers have said that the use of meth is not going to decrease with ease. It has become a need of many communities around the world and specifically the gay community, where its use is increasing every day by a great rate (Malpas,

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