Donald Trump Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, is seen by many as an alluring businessmen with a habit of saying what is on his mind. Henry Allen, however, has a very different view of Donald Trump based on his experiences with him at the opening of the Taj Mahal casino in the 90s. In his editorial, “I learned everything I needed to know about Donald Trump 25 years ago”, Allen effectively uses appeals and persuasive techniques to recount his experience with Trump, and sway his readers to oppose his run for president. Allen commonly uses ethical appeals in order to add credibility to his writing and encourage the reader to accept and trust his opinions. At the start of the editorial Allen writes, “I saw it all before, 25 years ago”. This sentence adds credibility by showing that Allen had met Trump before and had first hand…show more content…
One logical appeal is when Allen writes, “They even credited him with miracles”. This shows that much of the support for Donald Trump is without reason. Another fallacy pointed out is after Melvin Woolfolk says, “I love him. He spends money...He’s gambling on this! He could lose!”. This quote Allen includes helps to show Donald Trump and many of his supporters are irresponsible with their money and take large risks , qualities not many would want in a president. In his writing Allen does have logical fallacies, one of which being “Who would think of Trump as president? Apparently a crazed crowd of New Jersey people”. This statement is an example of hasty generalization, as Allen assumes all people that support Trump are crazy based on the actions of a few. Allen’s use of logos appeals in the writing, although scarce, are effective in pointing out fallacies made by the supporters of

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