Don John Deception

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Many stories, plays, etc., consist of villains; however, in this play a character with no heart uses deception to his advantage by destroying others happiness. This character goes by the name of Don John and appears in the play, Much Ado About Nothing written by William Shakespeare. The play revolves around two love stories both which have problems to find their way to love each other and have a happy ending. Don John has the characteristics of an untrustworthy, evil man, and contributes to the conflict of the play by creating a mess of arguments between other characters. Don John deceives many people and gives off a sense of an untrustworthy character. He lies to Claudio the “[Don Pedro has enamor] on Hero”, the woman he loves (2.1.162). Don John does not enjoy others who full themselves up with happiness and wants to destroy their happiness in anyway possible. He did not grow up happy and wants others to feel as miserable as he did. Don John receives information that Claudio and Hero will marry; therefore, he brings Claudio and Don Pedro, his brother, out at night where “[he] shall see her chamber women [entering of another man], even the night before her wedding day” (3.2.105-108).…show more content…
He lies about Hero’s disloyalty and tries to hide himself from trouble by telling Leonato that the men “[should not state their names or] spoke of” (4.1.100-101). Don John states this because no other man sleeps alongside of Hero and he does not want others to suspect him for lying. Doing evil becomes difficult because he has to uphold his lying; therefore, others will not suspect him. The rest of the characters know him by now and know that “the practice of it lives in John the Bastard,/ Whose spirits toil in frame of villainies” (4.1.198-199). John the Bastard becomes his new name after all of the terrible lies he has said about everyone. He will have the remembrance of John the Bastard that plans to hurt
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